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Design Consultation 

·  Discussions with you on the home you want to build

·  Sharing ideas & concepts on the home’s function as well the lifestyle of the people who will be living in it

Concept Designs

·  Hand-drawn renderings to determine style, size & use of space

·  ¼” scale plans produced in CAD format to get an exact square footage & to gain a clearer understanding of flow, textures & finishes of the complete project

·  Preliminary 3-D Timber Frame Designs – to reveal the effect timber framing will have on the final project

·  3-D CAD renderings of the interior & exterior views of your home

Construction Documents

·  Construction documents are prepared with details needed for the construction of the project 

·  Timber frame design & details are engineered for the local codes of each project

Timber Frame Design

·  Timber frame designs from concept to completion for our clients who already have completed working drawings

·  Three dimensional CAD solid models are produced for you to see how your timber frame design will look

·  We work hand in hand with Vermont Timber Frames during this stage in turn saving you time & money


·  Designs are priced by the square foot rather than by the hour – there are no hidden design fees - design costs are in direct relation to the square footage as design changes dictate how small or large your final project will be

·  We begin with an estimate of the square footage of your timber frame project & adjust pricing according to actual square footage as the design is completed

Site Visits:

·  We are very happy to meet with you on your site to discuss site options & plans for your timber frame project.  

·  Site visits are priced on the time & expenses required for the trip.  An estimated quote is provided prior to the site visit.

provided in advance so there are no hidden surprises.  Your schedule determines when, where & how long...

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