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At Virginia Timber Frame Designs we understand that a timber frame home is often a lifelong dream, a dream that you have spent hours, perhaps years, considering the many options available for your ideal home. 

My personal career has spanned 25 years in the construction industry.   As a general contractor I developed a love of wood & the craftsmanship required to build with it.  My uncle was my first mentor in the construction industry.  He was a high-end custom home designer & builder who taught me that the work we did was not just a job but a craft with which we often helped people build the home they’d always dreamed of.  He also taught me to take my time, to treat each individual project with the same appreciation as the others before it, & to truly enjoy my work.  His philosophy was “it takes far less time, energy & stress to do it right the first time as it does when you have to go back & fix it”.  

As much as I loved creating from other’s designs I quickly developed the desire to do the design work on projects.  The gratification of taking an idea from two dimensional lines on paper to a completed three dimensional product has always provided me with an indescribable exhilaration.   I later partnered with my brother & a brother in-law to form a general contracting firm.   This year was our twenty-third year anniversary building & designing custom residential & light commercial projects. Our focus has always been on quality rather than quantity.  This has created long lasting relationships with many of our clients who have become longtime friends.

In the last few years I have focused my career on designing all aspects of timber frame homes & commercial structures.  I have been the timber frame consultant on some of the most impressive timber frame structures built in past years.  This has developed into a passion for the craft & has enriched my life in many ways. 

My search for a quality timber frame provider lead me to Vermont Timber Frames in Cambridge, NY.  They have been designing, fabricating & installing quality timber frame structures for over 25 years.  Joining their team offers me a unique opportunity to expand my experience with one of the leaders in the timber frame industry.  Their reputation for providing a quality product at competitive prices along with the outstanding ethics of their entire team captured my attention.  Our combined experience has me excited about the future & the homes we are able to provide for our clients.

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John M Garber, Owner Virginia Timber Frame Designs



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